How and Where to Find Accurate Information about Fully Funded Scholarships

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Every Eritrean student’s attempt to pay for higher education is different. The financial gap in the system is apparent and an increasing number of Eritrean students have to pay for school while they’re working. This inevitable reality urges a student to look for fully funded scholarships in European and Asian universities.


How Do I Look Accurate Information about Fully Funded Scholarships?

One way Eritrean students can look for scholarships is by contacting the financial aid office of the school they’re planning to apply to. But beware; you must ensure that the offers and information you receive are legitimate.

Some other ways of getting information about fully funded scholarships are: 

  • Talking to a high school counsellor

  • The library’s reference section

  • Foundations, local businesses, and religious organizations

  • Community-based organizations like Kafel Academy

  • Your employer, or the employer of your parents

Where Can I Find Accurate Information About Fully Funded Scholarships?

Countries in Europe and Asia offer state-of-the-art education and research opportunities for enthusiastic Eritrean students. Some of the scholarships in Europe for 2021 are:

1.DAAD Scholarship

  • Country: Germany

  • Degree: Master’s

  • Funding: Free

  • Deadline: Differs from college to college

2.University of Padova Scholarship

  • Country: Italy

  • Degree: Bachelor's and Master’s

  • Funding: Free

  • Deadline: Varies from program to program